How to Enjoy a Virgin Girl

Hi friends this is Jeet from Gujarat, Let me describe myself. I’m 5.11?…not so handsome but a normal one. Having average body, single, I am a network engineer. I am back with a new story; thank you all for appreciating my old stories n thanks for your response to my previous story “first time for both of us”, this story is next part of that story as I have told u that after having sex with my friend I also fucked her friend. That was also not my idea, I liked her friend but never thought that I will ever fuck her, but I don’t know from where she got this idea, and her friend’s name was Reshma.

One day when we were sitting together alone n kissing and touching each other, she asked me a question which made me shock she asked “will u fuck my friend Reshma if I tell u” I was just shock n surprised n stand up n left her alone without saying anything, Then when I met her same day again I asked her from where she got this weird idea, she told that her when she told her friend Reshma about fun we did she got excited n asked her that can she also have fun with me, I stood up in anger n told her no. I was angry with her as she told our secret to someone which I have said know

I was about to leave she caught hold my cock from trousers and it was already hard she asked “if u don’t want to fuck my friend then why your cock is so hard” I sat down n try to make her understand that I love her and cant ditch her for someone else, She kissed me on my lips n say “It’s nothing wrong honey because you r doing it because I am telling u to do it, you will always be loyal to me and I will always love you as ever” I said ok to her and then we had a nice French kiss n separated, Now we were in search of chance so that we can make our session,

But not getting any chance and our exams were near and we used to study together in her room by closing the door, so it was nothing new for her parents too. That day when I went to her house for study her room was already close n locked from inside when I asked her mom she said that my friend has already started studding with one of her friend. I knocked the door n she open door and took me in n closed the door again, the scene which I saw in her room shocked me, her friend Reshma whom I was going to fuck was sitting there, I was shy n not able to see on her side

I went inside the room and sat on opposite corner of bed, in the mean time my friend locked the door and sat on centre of bed, my brain was engaged with a thought that now what plan my friend has made for us to do. my friend came near me and told in my ears “you have to show your skills to my friend Reshma today and now” I was shocked by what she said to me, I said “have you gone mad she’s a virgin n your mom is outside the room if she will hear her screaming than we all are dead”

She told me to calm down n said in low voice “love you don’t have to do the main course today just foreplay so that you both can become comfortable with each other for next time”. I agreed to what she said but I was not yet happy with her decision I asked her “what about you”, she said “don’t worry I can see you fucking my friend and I will be proud of you” I said ok than I stood up n go n sit near Reshma on other side of bed. Reshma was fair skinned with average body nice medium sized boobs and round smooth ass chicks; she was wearing a black skirt till knees and a pick top.

She was looking very sexy. When I sat near her she was looking down then I put my hand on her thighs and she looked up in my eyes and blushed slowly kissed on her lips and her body shivered in response as it was her first kiss ever, she was blushing like hell and her face had turned red then I put my hand on her chin and brought her face up and kissed her again but this time with some pressure and for more time now she was responding to my kisses and was kissing me hard. I moved my hand from her thighs to her stomach and then put my hand on her boobs and gave them a gentle press.

Her kiss was becoming strong with my every movement on her body. Then I pressed her boob hard and then other boob, I was caressing them above her pink top and I could feel the lining of her bra on my hands. Her body was getting lose and she was becoming more comfortable with me and my friend was sitting on other corner of bed and looking at us and was pressing her own sweet boobs. I was really very much aroused and my dick was near to tear my pants off.

Then I slowly put my hands on Reshma’s legs and brought her skirt from her knees to her thighs and then till her waist she was wearing a pink color panty. Her pink panty was looking so wonderful on her whitish thighs I put my hand on her pubic area and move it down to her pussy and started massaging her pussy above her panties, her panty was socked and wet with her come, she was now moaning slowly in her lips like “mmmm”. Her moaning was making me more excited. I then moved her pink top to her shoulder and moved her black bra up and her nipples where staring at me,

They where pink in color and were looking delicious. So without wasting time I took one of her nipple in my mouth and was sucking it hard and biting her nipples slowly and then I moved down to her navel. It was white as if full of milk I kissed there and her whole body shivered and her panty became wetter. I then went down on her thighs and kissed them and was moving from her inner thighs to her pussy, her aroma was making me wild but I had to control myself as my friend’s mom was in house.

Then I remove her panties too in one flow. I was amazed at the sight of her pussy. It was pinkish brown and was wet as if having some leakage it had small hairs. I put my finger and try to open it to find her clit, I found it and put my tongue on her pussy and started licking it slowly, and Reshma was moving her hips with my movement to get more pleasure. In the mean time my friend came and sat near me on floor and started opening my pants, she removed it till my knees with my jockey. My cock was out of control and full of pre cum she started sucking my cock and jerking me off she said “I know honey your cock also need some attention, sorry she can’t do it because she is new in this session”

I just smiled at her and then again started licking Reshma’s pussy she was Cumming like hell her liquid was flowing as if some canal has been flooded. Her body started to stiffen, I knew that she was about to cum so I started licking hard and also was pressing and caressing her boobs. She shivered hard and came all over my face. I licked that all. On other side my friend was sucking my cock hard and I was also about to come she called her friend Reshma and both were sitting in front of my cock for cum. I was on peek and I came on my friend’s mouth and Reshma’s boobs. my friend asked Reshma to taste my cum as

I was good, but Reshma refuse as she dint like to but after some forcing she agreed to taste, my friend took my come in her mouth and gave her to Reshma mouth to mouth. I was surprised to see them smooching, then my friend got and kissed me and then we all wore ours cloths and separated. This way our session ended for that day. Please send your comment and suggestion on so that I can bring its next par in which I broke the virginity of Reshma and how I got chance to fuck Reshma. Guys and girls can mail me or can chat with me on yahoo anytime and do rate my story if you like it.

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